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vCanCode has partnered with EDUonGo, a cloud-based learning platform that hosts online academies to
enable schools and institutions integrate the EDUonGo platform into their systems.

State of the art technology

EDUonGo Overview

EDUonGo is an award-winning, learning management platform designed from the ground up for unprecedented scalability, collaboration, and mobility. With integrated social tools, proprietary e-reader, and our powerful suite of premium features, the student-teacher relationship will be more effective than ever.

Scale your courses faster

EDUonGo is the most scalable learning platform in the vocation sector. No other LMS will allow you to duplicate entire courses with a single click and share them with thousands of others. This means that you can easily handle a steep change in student numbers at short notice, increasing or decreasing capacity within minutes, not days or weeks.

Flexibility you need

Adopting EDUonGo means you have our world-class technical team working with you right in your office when required. Our rich infrastructure allows us to custom build for anything you need, and to do that faster and at a lower cost than anyone else.

Perfect for Corporate training

With EDUonGo it is now possible for each student to have their own learning pathway, to suit their specific circumstances. Thanks to EDUonGo’s mobile capabilities, your students and staff can learn and teach online on any device, wherever they are in the world.

More Control

vCanCode, together with EDUonGo, puts you in the driver seat. You can be 100% certain that the student journey and operational processes you put in place will be followed to a T. Additionally, all information is logged, time-stamped, and stored for easy access when you need to run a report or double-check something.

Founded by a group of IT professionals and executives

vCancCode also aims to integrate software programming into the core education curriculum. Powered by the EDUonGo platform, vCanCode provides teachers and schools a learning system to modify their courses and manage students. Customers are also provided with training to teach coding and implement flipped learning methods.


Whether you need to implement blended learning or create a MOOC, EDUonGo simplifies the process by serving as your all-in-one platform. Our system lets you organize assignments, track progress and communicate with your students through an intuitive interface.

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